About Us

We love food. And we definitely love a great lunch. But, let’s be honest, no one has time to go for 2 hour lunch breaks, and somehow there were no really great alternatives.
This is why we created Bolibol.

We are a team of culinary experts and digital business professionals. Through our collaborations with some great chefs we have created our menu using sustainable proteins, home-made sauces, local, seasonal produce and new cooking techniques.
The result is a gourmet experience created in a simple bowl. 

Our culinary vision aims to create fresh products that are fun to eat, with great taste and texture, while maintaining a healthy equilibrium. Most of our products are gluten free and we offer a large number of plant-based food options. We are using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and 100% bio-degradable packaging to create our products.

Try our food at your office, at home, or anywhere really…